Xiaomi Launch New Mi Band 4 in India, Price, Review

Hello friends,  today we’re looking at the all-new MI smartband 4 I’ve actually got the global version here not too Chinese version as you’ve seen in all the reviews and images.

It actually seems like the biggest upgrade since the MI van too but how good is it really let’s find out let’s go in the box you’ll find a smart band some instructions and a charger would USB cable to charge the MI bandwidth first of all you’ll notice the design of the MI band 4 has slightly changed.

Xiaomi MI Band 4 High-Quality Display

The MI band 3 seems to have a much rounder looking glass face and a display is by far the biggest visible upgrade not only does it now have a full-color AMOLED displaythat has an increase in the size of about 0.2 inches the resolution also went up from 128 by 80 on the MI band 3 to 240 by hundred and twenty on the MI band 4 also, the battery has a slight increase from 110 235 million power with battery life on both the meat band 3 and am even for being around 20 days.

Bluetooth Connectivity & Charging

Bluetooth has been upgraded to Bluetooth 5.0 and the size and weight seems to be pretty much the same the charger has a slight change and the charging pins have been relocated as well and this charger still uses a USB connector the MI been for has 6 access sensors for sports and fitness tracking and it’s supposed to be much more accurate when tracking your activities including swimming the strap doesn’t seem to have changed.

It looks and feels pretty much the same as under MI band 3 the functionality has improved slightly but in broad terms, it’s still pretty much the same it’s got a step counter and the heart rate monitor for fitness purposes it will give you all kinds of notifications from your phone you can see your calendar control.

Xiaomi MI Band 4 Specifications

App Installation & Caller ID

The music player on your phone see incoming messages see incoming caller Ids set an alarm clock pretty much all the stuff you’d expect it’s also got a sleep tracker but that means you would have to wear it when sleeping which I personally don’t find to be that comfortable so let’s look at how to set it up how it is in use and let’s test how water-resistant it is you’ll need to set it up using the MI fit app in which you could log in with your shell MI account in the Demi Fit app.

You can add a new device and it will pair tab and over Bluetooth once the band is set up in the MI fit app you can monitor the fitness tracker the heart rate sensor change watch faces and controls everything that you want the band to do here we goanna select a whole bunch of watch faces which you can synchronize with the watch there’s quite some cool looking once and a whole bunch of well less cool-looking once it’s mentioned on the Xiaomi a website that they gradually will be adding more watch face designs over time which makes me hope they will add some cool looking ones in the near future.

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So we took it with me for a day and it did seem to track my steps quite well and also I wanted to try out it water resistance and you know me I’m not gonna just throw it in a glass of water that would be too easy, I want to try this out for real and I took it with MI for a swim, it held up very well no problems at all and it actually tracked the swimming very good as well I swam for about 500 meters normally I do like 5 kilometers but I just wanted to see if this works and it seemed to work pretty well so now what do I think of the MI band for well first of all I really like that it’s got a full-color display.

It’s a lot brighter which makes it a lot easier to read and it really makes the MI band 3 look very dim it’s also got a higher pixel count which makes text and graphics look a lot better so these are some great improvements without compromising battery life I don’t really like that you can see the actual display much better on this model when you hold it into light From certain angles, you can really see the size of the display.

Xiaomi MI Band 4 in India

Difference between ME Band 3 and MI Band 4

I personally would have loved to see a full display as big as the watch itself I did notice that it’s less visible on to me band 3 for example maybe because of that thicker and the round glass I also would have loved to see it compatible with the old Chargers but they’ve changed that from the MI band 2 to the MI band 3 and now from 3 to 4 they change it again also the charger of the MI band 3 has a wider and better feeling cable which makes this one feel quite a bit more fragile it does offer a lot more functionality and a fitness tracker really seems to have improved I also, kind of would have loved to see NFC beat a standard on all of the MI bands.

I do think that the new MI band has a lot of improvements that make it look and feel more like an actual Smart Watch than just a fitness tracker especially with the higher resolution color display and personally I find the brightness to be one of the biggest improvements so overall I do think it’s got some great improvements which make for a date and night difference with the MI Bend 3 the global version of the MI band 4 just got released in India.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 Price in India

The price might be a little bit different depending on which a country that you want to buy it so that’s about it for the MI band 4 what do you guys think is it a great improvement over to MI band 3. So, friends, this is the complete review of MI Band 4 and you can also check the price on Amazon.

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