Vu 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready Ultra Android LED TV

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Hello friends in this article we will be doing the review for this budget-oriented television from VU this is a 32 inch LCD television so let’s get on with the review, it’s not a very thin television as you can see and the body construction is entirely made up of plastic moving to connectivity it has one USB port on the side component and puts AV inputs and it also has two HDMI inputs.

we also have a VGA input and you can connect your cable and stuff apart from that we also get this a basic manual and some instruction stuff and we also get this remote and this remote is entirely made up of plastic and a trans on two triple-A batteries and the batteries were also supplied in the package there is also the wall mount that came with in the package and you can call up the Voges for a free installation.

We got it installed with an Earth Day now let’s have a look at the television itself the speaker volume was surprisingly loud and amazing it was really now I didn’t expect this. The LCD quality is good and I was sort of surprised how clear it is with the HD channels as you can see it’s really clear and the performance certainly exceeded my expectations you can also, connect USB thumb drives or hard drives to the USB port and play stuff as well as you can play the popular formats like mp4 AVI and even most of the MKV file formats played there fine as you can see and you also in terms of what do you say picture quality.

As I have mentioned it’s actually pretty good on this voop amal also the interface of USB was a pretty response self I also connected to the xbox one gaming console and did some online gaming this is amazing you get high-quality gaming experience in this TV and as you can see the color reproduction again it was very good and I did not notice any lag enos while playing any games of the Xbox.

One this is online multiplayer that I was doing and had no issues the two criterias that are great for any television that is the picture quality and sound quality it was better than what I expected in terms of visual quality and also the sound quality was surprisingly allowed for such a small television.

So if we again compare the cost that’s around 12000 -13000 for this television and for picture quality we have to give it a rating of 8 and overall I would say considering the price point after rated 8.5 out of 10 We also checked online We purchased this one from Amazon. So again guys I hope you found this complete review and if you found it helpful.

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