Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Price in India, Review, Full Specs 2020

The galaxy as twenty-plus isn’t a Goldilocks spot between its two siblings it’s cheaper than the galaxy s 20 ultras while having a bigger screen and a bigger battery than the vanilla as 20 that said the price is nothing that sneezes at so is this the best Android flagship that you can get I’m Vikrant for Tech Mart Digital blog and this is the Samsung Galaxy S 20 plus review.

Unlike galaxies of the past the s20 series has a very slight curve on the screen, it’s enough to be elegant but not obnoxious to use there are tiny bezels all around in a single centered hole punch near the top the camera setup this year is quite large but it doesn’t compare to what you’d find on the back of the s20 ultra the phone is made of Gorilla Glass 6 in the front and back and has an IP 68 rating.

Samsung Galaxy S 20 Plus Design & Display

So it should be able to survive a little bit of abuse yes when you plus was lighter than expected and in fact, it was notably lighter than the ultra it’s not top-heavy and it’s quite slim so despite the large screen it feels comfy in the hand hap tic feedback on this phone is also quite good.

Samson got it right on note 10 already but it’s nice to know that this trend will continue more importantly Samsung’s trend of making excellent screens is also continuing the six point seven inch dynamic AMOLED is one of the best displays out there at the moment.

You can choose between a 120 refresh rate with a full HD resolution or a 60 Hertz refresh rate with a QHD resolution we prefer the higher refresh rate because it makes the phone feel faster even if there’s a cost of battery life we got marginally lower brightness than the s20 and s20 ultra but it still beats most the competition when adjusting the slider manually.

We measured 379 units and in the auto mode, we got up to 797 as a whole the screen also had excellent color accuracy the default out of the box is the vivid mode and if you bump the cool to warm slider towards warm you’ll get near-perfect whites you can also switch the phone to be in natural mode but it’s a few nits dimmer and it doesn’t look nearly as eye-catching.

Picture and Audio Quality

The Samsung Galaxy S 20 Plus is a great media consumption device not only from the point of view of the picture but the audio to the phone has a stereo speaker setup that uses a downward-facing speaker on the bottom and the earpiece as a second channel it had very good loudness in our tests although it wasn’t quite as loud as the Galaxy S 20 Plus for some reason, on the other hand, it had a frequency response close to the stony ultra z’.

Battery and Wireless Charging

The Galaxy S 20 Plus has a 4,500 million power battery and inner testing we got similar battery life to its siblings when the display had the 120 Hertz refresh rate turned on and got 87 hours of endurance when it had the 60 Hertz the refresh rate turned on it had 97 if these numbers seemed a bit low considering the size of the battery.

That’s because Samsung has not implemented a dynamic refresh rate and the modern is external to the chipset which is not as energy-efficient in the box you’ll find a 25-watt adapter that can charge.

The phone from 0 to 62 percent in half an hour and from 0 to 150 seven minutes the s 20 plus supports up to 15-watt wireless charging and it also supports reverse wireless charging, where Samsung is calling wireless power share this is very convenient for charging smart watches and earbuds on the go.

Samsung Galaxy S 20 Plus Variants

The phone has two variants when it comes to the chipset and it really depends on which market you’re in terms of what you’re goanna get the first option is the snapdragon 865 chipset and the second is the Exynos 990.

We have the latter while if you live in North America you’ll probably get the Snapdragon version in our test the s3 plus was a slight bit behind the ES 20 and is 20 ultra but there’s no noticeable difference in real-world usage what was interesting is that the opal fine x2 pro outperform the es 20 series in terms of multi-core.

And single core performance since the OPPO is using a snapdragon 865 it perhaps means that the galaxy’s with the QUALCOMM chipset might be a bit faster Samsung’s UI continues to have one of the most ridiculous names in the industry and you’ll find that the S 20 plus features 1 UI 2.1 on top of android 10 it now has a system-wide dark mode and the edge panels have had a minor redesign – there’s proper gesture navigation.

Now and you can swipe in from the sides to go back instead of having to stretch towards the bottom of the phone accessing the multi window on the other hand is a little difficult and there’s a mini menu you have to access instead of simply long pressing on the tasks.

Some Extra Features in Phone

Which are like the floor there are some new extras here in there too first there is the addition of Google duo to the phone apps you can have video calls straight from the dialer there is also a music share option which lets you connect the phone to a Bluetooth speaker and use it as a hub for other phones this way you don’t have 10 people that have to connect their phones to the speaker and constantly switch between them.

Galaxy S 20 Plus Camera

Samsung Galaxy S 20 Plus, Camera

The Samsung Galaxy S 20 Plus has the same triple camera setup as ES 20 but with an additional time-of-flight camera, Samsung has updated the sensors from the previous generation especially for its ultra-wide and main cameras we’ve made a dedicated s20 camera video review so if you’re interested in learning about the full photo and video capabilities of this camera system.

You should really check it out the only real difference between the s 20 plus and the vanilla S 20 in terms of their cameras is the time of flight sensor which helps with live focus and portraits now what’s the most important to know is that as far as photos are concerned and the daylight all three cameras are pretty great.

The main camera has the most detail with nice vivid colors and very reliable auto HDR the ultra-right has slightly less detail though the overall processing matches the main snappers the hybrid optical telephoto setup also performs nicely at two times.

And three times magnification images are nicely detailed and you’ll be more than satisfied with them at four times magnification they start to lose their sharpness and a 10 times zoom they started to lose usability at night dynamic range on the main camera is excellent even without night mode which reduces noise and increases detail levels in the shadows night mode is more useful for the ultra Royd camera.

Because that’s where you’re goanna see the most noticeable improvement in image quality photos are taken with two times and three times are quite usable in normal mode but they certainly benefit from the night mode as well.

The biggest difference between the s 20 and s 20 plus is that time-of-flight camera so we expect two portraits to be really good safe to say they were and you even have two options available there is a wider mode that you can capture with the main shooter and a more close-up version that you can capture with a telephoto camera.

Live focus mode on non human subjects was also impressive and we liked the fact that the s 20 plus performed well even with complicated backgrounds and subjects video shot on the s20 plus were really excellent while you can record 8k at 24 FPS it takes up much more space.

The image quality is not perceivably better on a regular computer screen so it makes more sense to shoot in 4k there stabilization and any mode that you choose in the super steady mode you can choose to either use the main camera with OAS and autofocus or the ultra light snapper with a slightly wider field of view the 10 megapixel front camera produced photos with excellent detail.

And slightly muted colors in comparison to the main camera selfie portraits were also quite good although naturally had limitations due to the fact that it’s a single camera approach for us the Galaxy S 20 Plus makes the most sense out of the SPE trio it has a bigger screen and better battery life the new vanilla’s 20 and the s 20 ultra doesn’t offer enough in terms of tangible upgrades to really be worth a jump in price.

Actually its biggest competition seems to be the iPhone 11 pro but if you’re not a diehard iOS fan the galaxy phone has a better screen it’s lighter it’s more compact and oftentimes that even leaves in terms of cameras so if you’re considering 2020 flagships the Samsung Galaxy S 20 Plus definitely needs to be on your list thanks for watching if you enjoyed this review of the phone.

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