Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Review, Price in India

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Price in India Check Out On Amazon

Hello friends, this is Tech Mart Digital blog and I am Vikrant here I am writing the full review of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus like price, technical specification etc.

Galaxy Note 10 Plus Screen and Display:

Peoples said this note 10 plus is a huge phone as you can see it’s having that 6.8-inch screen so it’s actually really big and before I talk about the pros and cons there are the quick specification as you can see it’s having that massive 6.8 inch Quad HD plus screen and the screen quality is really good it’s part with a new core processor it comes with 12GB of RAM, 256GB of storage has a triple camera at the back front-facing cameras a 10 megapixel etc.

So let’s quickly break it down between the pros and cons first let’s talk about what do I like about it those are the pros and the first thing is the 6.8 and screen yes it’s actually pretty big about the highlight thing is the screen and the quality of the screen that Samsung has put is actually really good on this one the colors look very good and it doesn’t hurt your eyes even after the more usage and the screen quality is actually good it can go truly pretty bright and outdoor lighting.
So one of the best AMOLED screens but again in terms of technical specification it’s still a 60 Hertz screen not a 9th screen but nevertheless I would say if you put a loft AMOLED Smartphone side-by-side people will pick up this one because of the color reproduction and everything just looks really good.  By default, it’s set to full HD plus you should change it to quad HD plus so the screen is a big plus point.

Now the second thing is that it’s a very big phone and I was also very much worried how would we it in your hand and here surprisingly it’s actually not that heavy it’s actually pretty light for the size and many of the bodies my relative so when I told them to hold the phone they said yes they thought there will be heavier here than water does in fact it’s and weight compared to the even the note 9 so in terms of weight balance they have done a very good job but still, it’s a very big phone.

samsung galaxy note 10 plus price in india

Sound Quality and Speakers

Sound and speakers I would say the steel speakers are implemented when on this one the main speaker is here and the hearing piece is also actually pretty loud and the sound comes out from that so the speaker quality is actually really good on this one you don’t have to worry about it and I would say the speaker quality is slightly better then the Galaxy S 10 plus so good stereo speakers on this one but one thing to the note is that when I was keeping the volume at the maximum level above 90% you could say at the back used to vibrate a little bit that is something that you have to note but I mean I’ve noticed this with many other phones but what he said good steel your speakers when you keep it on the max volume the back tends to vibrate a little but that’s the same case on this one also now.

samsung galaxy note 10 plus price in india amazon

Finger Print & Security

If we talk about the fingerprint here also they have one with an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner as you can see this is the point and it actually works very well but again you have to get used to this I was using the S 10 plus earlier so I’m pretty used to this one because that one also has that but it will take you a day or two to get used to this one and as you can see you should enable this always-on display because that will give you an idea where to put your thumb on this because you have to place it like this for it to unlock now it works about 95% of the time but one thing to notice that if there is even slight noise and your fingers it this ultrasonic fingerprint scanner simply does not work so that is something you have to note sometimes.  if your fingers are clammy you have to wipe it otherwise, it simply does not work again some of you have asked no what do you say iris scanning or stuff that we had on the note 9 so that is missing but you do have that face unlock but I would say at the face unlocking is not as secure as this ultrasonic fingerprint scanner.

The new XE nose 9825 that’s the new Octa-Core processor it’s based on the seven-nanometer process and me would say it handles everything fine on this one I notice any lag or anything in general usage, I would say it’s really fast because the RAM speed is really good it has that 12 gigabytes of RAM I think so that is also a very big thing on this one so in terms of RAM speed and that stuff, you don’t have to worry about it it’s done very well on this phone yeah it doesn’t lag or do anything and again I frankly feel you don’t technically need 12 gigabytes of RAM but you do have 22 bytes of RAM on this one another thing that we like.

samsung galaxy note 10 plus price in india 2019

Storage in the Phone, Call Quality and Battery Backup

The minimum storage that you are getting on this one is again 256 GB of internal storage and yes you can it’s a hybrid slot that you have so you can have actually put a MicroSD card if you really want but frankly even in the base wearing that comes with 256GB storage is not an issue and the storage is actually really fast on this one so in those aspects you don’t have to worry about the hardware that you are getting is top-notch and also this one UI is good I haven’t noticed any lag again. Now moving to call quality was very good the earpiece is actually good and you can even take calls was speakerphone those who are also very good.

Now if we talk about the battery capacity it’s a four thousand three hundred million power battery and I really like the fact that we are getting that 25-watt charger in the box in fact, this phone actually supports 45 watts what do you say quick charging but you have to buy that charges up lately but even with the 25 watts supplied the charger then this was around I don’t recall about 12 or 13 percent I put it on charge and within one hour it was completely charged so significant improvement I would say compared to earlier flagship smartphones of Samsung that used to come with a 15-watt charger this one is a 25-watt charger and a Chance is really quickly but yes if you want to go charge even faster a 45-watt charger is supported by this device.

Now if you talk about the battery life here I would say the battery life is again pretty good but I won’t say I have that is the best that I have seen for example the battery life is actually pretty close to the Samsung galaxy 10 plus and in terms of what do you say standby time it is actually pretty good sort of average user, you can stretch it to about one and a half days but if you are sort of a heavy business user with two Sims I would say it would give you a the screen on time anywhere between five to about six hours of screen on time and at the end of the day also let’s say morning 8 o’clock if you leave by 11 o’clock you will have about 20% but again this is not a Smartphone that will ask you for two days on a single charge but the good thing is that you have the 25-watt charger so it charges actually pretty quickly.

samsung galaxy note 10 plus review

Camera & Gaming Experience

The gaming I didn’t know what do you say very heavy gaming whether this is a business-centric Smartphone I did play pop G for about five years seven minutes and it played fine but apart from that I did any more gaming on this now moving to the camera setup has been actually improved if we compare it with the note tonight we now have a triple camera setup we have the 12-megapixel main camera with variable aperture then we also have a 12 megapixel that is actually a zoom lens and then finally we also have wide-angle lens then that’s the 16 megapixels and also, you have the depth camera on this one and moving to the front-facing camera it’s a 10-megapixel front-facing camera that we have.

If we talk about the rear-facing camera in outdoor conditions as you can see with the sample shots the camera performance is actually really good the colors of punchy and good and you also have that wide-angle lens which I particularly like so in outdoor conditions I felt that the camera performance is actually pretty good but when you move to indoor lighting conditions like this is artificial lighting conditions here

I noticed that the saturation level is a little bit on the higher side and some of the skin tones for example, these are the sample shots that have taken of myself they come out actually particularly dark and sometimes when you use that portrait mode of stuff it does not extra smooth things so I was expecting a slightly better camera performance hopefully with future software updates they can improve.

The camera performance is actually pretty good but again I would say that this is among the best rear facing cameras that I have seen again that would go to the pixel series I would say the pixel series in artificial lighting indoor lighting conditions do a far better job than this one if color accuracy in everything dynamic range etc is included now if we move to the front-facing camera it’s a 10-megapixel front-facing camera. note series what it is so you have the S Pen features I won’t get too much into this I spent features but you have the quick note and also saying these things work this we have seen even an earlier note series so all those features that we have seen in the earlier note series are there even I personally like this screen but I just you can just take out and write the notes over here like this reminders so this is actually pretty good so this was there even in the note 9 so that is something is there you can just save it  and it gets saved automatically.

samsung galaxy note 10 plus price in india

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Price in India

The pricing in India this starts a 79,999 in India that makes it one of the most expensive Samsung phones in India I like the order note 9th pricing it was about 67 or 66 thousand but this one at eighty thousand certainly Samsung is charging quite a bit of premium for this one and to sum it up I would say this is a smart phone for people who really are going to use the s-pen, you think that you are going to really use the S Pen and really like a really large screen and have really big hands then you can certainly go with this one I also like one factor is that this also has that Samsung tape with MST so that is something that I say that I like but I mean most of those features are also present on the galaxy s 10 plus so if you really don’t think so that you are going to use the galaxy s what do you say the S Pen then I frankly feel that the galaxy s 10 plus might be a better and a more practical device that was the review of this Samsung galaxy note 10 plus.

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