Samsung Galaxy A51 is The Best Selling Mid Range Phones in 2020

Samsung Galaxy A51

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Hello friends, this is Tech Mart Digital blog, remember last year the Galaxy 50 was one of the best-selling mid-range phones of 2019, the company had already updated it with the Galaxy S50, but disappointingly it was a small and insignificant upgrade. Came with and now we have another phone in the Galaxy A50 line-up.

Although the Galaxy A51 has seen quite interesting improvements around this time, but the competition has also gained fairs coming from brands such as Coke or Red Mi and Rio Mi in 2020, now we cover a lot about this device on our hands has been reviewed.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Specs


Operating System & Processor: Android 10.0 OS with Exynos 9611 / 2.3 GHz / 1.7 GHz Octa-Core Processor

Form Factor: Touch Screen Phone

Battery Power:  4000mah Lithium-Ion Battery

Camera Features: 48MP (F1.8) / 12MP (F2.2) / 5MP (F2.2) / 5MP (F2.4) Rear Camera | 32MP Front Facing Camera

Memory, Storage & SIM: 6GB RAM | 128GB Internal Memory Expandable Up to 512GB | Dual SIM Dual-Standby (4G+4G)

Item Weight & Model Number: Weight 172 Grams / SM-A515FZKWINS

Product Dimensions: 15.9 x 0.8 x 7.4 CM

Wireless Technologies: Bluetooth / Wi-Fi Hotspot

Connectivity Technologies: 2G/GSM, 3G / WCDM / 4G / LTE FDD / TDD

Special Features: Dual SIM / GPS / Music Player / Video Player / Accelerometer / Proximity Sensor, Virtual Light/ Sensing / E-Mail

Display Technology: 1080 X 2400 Pixels, 20:9 Ratio (~ 405 PPI Densities), Corning Gorilla Glass 3

Box Also Includes: Travel Adapter, USB Cable, Earphones, Ejection Pin and User Manual.

Price: 25,250.00 INR

Note: Manufacturer gives 1 year manufacturer warranty for device and 6 months manufacturer warranty for in-box accessories including batteries from the date of purchase.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Design

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This is our detailed review of Samsung A51 review let’s compare the design debut to the 50’s. We got to see some improvements here, the first 3D holographic cut patterns look amazing and we have one with white and one blue in terms of color choices. We and both were seen doing a lot of suits behind the camera.

Also there is a new look similar to the series of Samsung Galaxy 20 which you still get as a plastic back and freeman, but what I really like about this phone is that I recently got a Poco x2 And the Rio Mystics Pro is reviewed and well both of them feel very heavy and thong, while the Galaxy A51 is really thin light and comfortable so that I can see its design I like the phone and not its plastic bag and frame.

Display of The Phone

samsung galaxy a51 specs - display

Now going to thank it for Samsung’s signature Super AMOLED panel and the centering aperture cuts the aperture, attracting the Galaxy Fifty’s display aesthetically, it’s about the panel it is a big 6.5 inch display with only 6.5 years old. The nine aspect ratio and yes the display quality is excellent as we have been expecting from Samson that the colors here are superb and hence the contrast ratio.

The phone sees a good amount of brightness as well as almost no compromise. Even when you’re on the road in a legitimate environment, the Tux’s response to the Galaxy A51 is superb, though it’s still a Navigating through the regular 60 Hz panel. The phone is quite swift. Just for comparison I tried it against the real 2 x 2, which also has an AMOLED panel but the superiority of the 51 is an accelerator. August was a rather obvious observation.

Another thing is that the phone has Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection and I’m not going to lie, there are some minor scratches on the screen, so if anyone from Samsung is looking at this one quick suggestion, you might want to include inbuilt Screen protectors are just like you honestly do with your expensive flagship models, which is very helpful.

Galaxy A51 Camera

samsung galaxy a51 price

Now let’s talk about the cameras and the display, it is as amazing as the camera arrangement. Apart from the camera arrangement I talked about earlier, you get a quad camera with 48 megapixel primary camera with 12 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens, there is a 5 megapixel depth sensor and the last one is a 5 megapixel macro sensor which is now talking about the primary camera as we usually give on Samsung phones. The 12-megapixel pixel bin shots with the A50 are said to have an incredible amount of detail with decent atomic range.

For video though it supports 4k recording, it is limited to 30 fps and lacks contrast stabilization, yet you get fairly stable videos in 1080p video such that the video has a fairly good color and dynamic range and the like That is expected on Samsung phones. You also get super stable mode SLO-Mo and super SLO-MO video modes.

Software, OS & Processor

samsung galaxy a51 price in india

Talking about the software version, the Galaxy A51 runs on Android 10 on Top 10 with 1 UI 2.0 and the difference between the original 1 UI 1.0 – this version of 1 UI is great, although there aren’t many visual differences that I have Seen that this is one, being very smooth, there is still a slight hint of lag when navigating through apps and comparatively multitasking.

It’s not just as swift as the one on the Poco X2 or the real Me X2 and it’s definitely because of the same old Exynos 96.1 that is powering it, which is the Exynos nine six one on the original Galaxy At zero there is only a slight improvement at 50.

What’s even more unacceptable is that Samsung’s new Galaxy M21 is priced too low with it, sharing the same chipset on the Galaxy 51. We are constantly complaining about the company’s chipset selection at this point in a series of lineups that I am very tired of. I mean how the Galaxy II 71 can be incompatible.

The Snapdragon 730 and its performance are good if you think about it, the Galaxy 51 should be surpassed by the Snapdragon 730 and the Galaxy 70 should be a little more powerful.

Gaming and Performance

samsung galaxy a51 price in india

Well keeping that performance is the same as last year’s Galaxy when it comes to gaming, 50-gram intensive games like PoP G, legible graphics and ultra frame rates are acceptable for the FPS mark while call off duty is playable at high graphics and high refresh rates.

But as you push the settings more, you get a tonne of stutters and move the lags to the point of not being able to enjoy playing the game, the food near the camera module is a bit hot while gaming for a while. So the powering So a Galaxy 51 under it is definitely not for those gaming focused audiences.

Memory & Storage

When we talk about memory, there is 4, 6 or 8 GB RAM and 64 or 128 GB storage. The 6×8 GB configuration that I have is with a dedicated microSD card slot for storage expansion as for the industry fingerprint sensor it is much faster and accurate than its predecessor and with recent updates it got even better is.

But despite this, it is comparatively nowhere what the contestants are offering with their fast sensors, but at the end of the day the work gets done and you will get used to it soon, similarly software based face unlock Ok but still not the fastest.

Battery Backup & Performance

samsung galaxy a51 price

Now moving to the battery is not an upgrade from its predecessors, a 4000mah battery effect, gives the same endurance as the Galaxy 50 and 50s, and a day of battery life in my time with the phone.

It gives around 6 hours of screen over time with 2 hours of YouTube with one hour of gaming and over an hour of social media usage, although the internet itself is amazing that the charging doesn’t go well.

You are still stuck with 15 Watt fast charging, which can now be seen on budget Samsung phones, so it would have been great if Samsung had introduced 25 Watt charging technology like the Samsung Galaxy 71 with a 15 Watt charger would have included about 1 Hours and 15 minutes are charged zero percent for the Galaxy 51.

Phone Audio Quality

The audio quality of this phone is fine. The h2 has another speaker that works, but we think Samsung should at least include a stereo setup in their upper E-series devices to pack more value and give it more to be distinguished from its cheap.

This is not a problem I encountered with the 3.5mm headphone jack and the audio is loud and clear even in terms of quality.

samsung galaxy a51 price in india
samsung a51 review


In conclusion we got in a dilemma as to how I should give a verdict on the galaxy A51 while reviewing it I kept on asking myself who is this phone for and we think it is a perfect phone for a casual Smartphone user who does not emphasize a lot on gaming and performance.

 someone like peoples who does not play high in games and just wants a stylish phone with a great display and great cameras because they benches a lot of Amazon Prime content on her phone however.

If you are someone with a higher performance standard then this phone is not the optimal choice for you I think you should rather go with the Coco x2 or the Rio me x2 instead and one more thing to consider is that Samsung is known for dropping the price of its easily Smartphone’s from time to time.

So that was our detailed review of the Samsung Galaxy 51 if you liked the review make sure to like and share the post.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Price in India

1Samsung Galaxy A51 with 6GB Ram25,250.00

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