Redmi Earbuds S with Up to 12 Hours of Playback Time

Hello friends, welcome to Tech Mart Digital blog, Redmi 2 launch their own truly wireless solution this is the Redmi Earbuds S and today, in this blog, we going to try a review of Redmi Earbuds S. 

Redmi Earbuds S Specs

Technical Details

Brand & Model: Redmi / TWSEJ05LS

Model Name & Weight: Redmi Earbuds S /36.3 G

Product Dimensions: 2.7 X 1.6 X 2.2 Cm

Batteries: Lithium Ion Batteries Required. (Included)

Item Model Number: TWSEJ05LS

Compatible Devices: Android, IOS, Windows Devices

Additional Features: DSP Processing, Easy Button Controls, Ultralight Weight Ear-Buds, Easy to Carry, Low Latency Mode, Bluetooth 5.0, Works With Voice Assistant, Noise Cancellation, Micro USB Charging.

Included Components: Bluetooth Earphones 2u, User Manual 1u, Charging Case 1u, Ear tips 6u (3 Pairs S/M/L)

Batteries Included: Yes

Battery Cell Composition: Lithium-Ion

Battery Power: 300

Connectivity: Bluetooth Wireless

Supported Standards: HFP/A2DP/HSP/AVRCP

Price: 1,799/-

Redmi Earbuds S Review

Redmi Earbuds S Review

let’s now get started so this is the carrying case that the Redmi Earbuds S has come in it’s got a matte black finish to it that I love up top we have a reflective ready branding etched into it to the bottom.

We have some info and to the back of the box well we have the micro USB port there for charging opening it up we have the earbuds themselves no guys the Hubert’s come with this small red tape at the bottom.

Charging Box

Redmi Earbuds S Specs

That’s there so that the earbuds don’t completely drain the battery of the case now we have to remove them so that the charging points on the earbuds can make contact with those on the case itself the earbuds themselves are held into their slots by magnets so even if the case is held upside down.

They won’t fall out the lid doesn’t have any magnets but it still makes a satisfying snap when shutting closed now we had a little bit of a tough time pairing the meteor dots but read me here has simplified the process a whole lot all we need to do is wait for a couple of seconds when we first take the ear-buds out of the case after that the right earbud starts blinking white. 

Connect with Device

The Connection of device, whole process is very fast and seamless no hassle at all and what’s more next time we take the earbuds out of the box they connect automatically to our device there are no buttons that we need to press or anything else to fiddle around with Redmi has done a great job to improve the usability of the Earbuds so how do they feel once they’re inside Mi ears well first off they’re very light weighing in at just 4.1 grams each and thanks to the inner style.

Listening Experience

Redmi Earbuds S Specs - Listening Experience

The fit here was great the Redmi Earbuds S fits snug into my ears and I listen to them continuously for a couple of hours without any discomfort now Xiaomi has also included different sized earbuds so even if the default ones don’t fit.

We can switch to a smaller or larger size do burn overall we prefer the fit and finish of the Redmi birds over that of the meat EWS – these are smaller lighter and don’t have the annoying sound leak issue also like the meaty WS – I ran up and down the stairs and shook my head around but the ear words stayed firmly in place the Redmi Earbuds S can even be used in GYM thanks to the IPX for certification.

Build & Sound Quality

Now the fit and finish here is really good but what about the sound well for the seven points two-millimeter driver that we have in here please deliver thumping B’s the soundstage here is geared more towards the lowest and there was a really clear separation between the lures and mids we also tried watching a few YouTube videos and the dialogue came through crisp and clear no latency issues now as far as phone calls go we did try it out and thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0 the connection here was rock-solid.

DSP Processing & SBC Codec

Redmi Earbuds S Specs -DSP Processing & SBC Codec

And the range was good to Redmi claims that the DSP that’s the digital signal processor inside the earbuds s can perform intelligent environmental noise cancellation but there’s one thing to note here the noise cancellation being performed is purely software-based there’s no secondary MIC in here for noise-canceling as far as codec support goes.

We have SBC or the standard streaming codec support so no APTX RL that supports in here that being said we pleased with the Redmi Earbuds S despite their small size they can get quite loud and pack quite a punch however due to the size and weight limitations we only have a 40 milliampere of battery inside each.

Battery Performance

Earbud that we claims about four hours of battery life but in our testing, we found out that at around 80% volume the Redmi Earbuds S lasted us around three and a half hours, of course, we can see one battery consumption by using one earpiece at a time it worked out quite well during our testing.

We would just take the right or left your word out and put it inside the case and the music would continue playing through the other you put putting them in TWS mode is as he is taking the other one out of the case and they should connect back automatically also the carrying case comes with a 300 million power battery that should be able to charge up the earphones up to 3 times.

Xiaomi estimates a total 12 hours of playback with both earphones plus carrying case as far as charge timing school the earbuds stick around one and a half hours to go from zero to full charge within the keys as for the case plus the earbuds the combo can be charged fully in about two hours.

We also have a LED to the front of the case that turns the LED while charging and green once fully charged.

Android or iOS Support & Gaming Experience

Android or iOS Support & Gaming Experience - Redmi Earbuds S Specs

So yes, we can pair this with any Android or iOS device and finally, triple tapping brings up the low latency game boot this brings down the latency to 122 milliseconds which is the same as what we have on the Apple ear pods 4 we tried playing popsie with it and honestly it works quite well the delay between seeing things on screen and hearing them and they should be faced with the MI TWS 2 was nearly solved here.

So those are all the controls and sadly there’s no way to change them via an app that means no way to increase or decrease the volume or skip tracks the former I’m ok with but we wish there was an easier way of skipping tracks than having to fish out my phone are calling on Google assistant which can at times be kind of tricky now that we have covered all the features of the Redmi Earbuds S.

Redmi Earbuds S Price in India




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Redmi Earbuds S DPS Environmental Noise Cancellation


Finally, it’s to talk price well as of filming this blog I don’t have any official confirmation of the price but going by the Indian market place this product expected under Rs 2000 (Two Thousand Rupees) now if you’re looking to buy a truly wireless Bluetooth earbud in this price range then the Redmi Earbuds S as make for a fine choice.

Yes we are missing out on some features like in your detection and the sound may not be as colorful as the MItru wireless earphones – but these are supposed to be nearly half the price so for an affordable TWS solution the Redmi Earbuds earbuds as manages to impress.

Pros and Cons

  • So that’s it for the pros on to the constant now there’s one thing about the design of the easier buds that I didn’t quite like on the top we have a physical key that we need to press once or twice depending on what.
  • We want to do well every time I tried doing that the earbuds would move a bit within my ear and I didn’t like that at all.
  • Since we are talking about controls let me walk you guys through what these earbuds can do so first off a single tap on either here please oppose the music if a phone is coming in.
  • We can use a single tap to receive the call and tap it once more to cut the corner you can also tap the button twice while on a call to mute the earbuds and we can also accept another incoming call when the previous call is going on that’s it for the call controls normally double-tapping calls up Google Assistant or Siri.

So those have been our experience with Redmi Earbud S, if you like this post please share the post, like the post and thanks a lot for visit this blog and enjoying the product reviews, So friends till the end have a good one Cheers.

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