Oneplus 55 Inches, Q1 Series 4K Certified Android QLED TV India

Oneplus 55 Inches, Q1 Series 4K Certified Android QLED TV India

Oneplus Led TV 55 Inches Review

Hi guys, this is a Tech Mart Digital Blog and I am Vikrant Sharma. Today we take the brand-new OnePlus TV in India has a right and well we have it here in all its 4k 55-inch glory now this is the Q1 Series of the OnePlus TV and it brings a lot of cool features so there’s a lot to talk about and we suggested what this review till the very end to know.

All the little details everything that’s unique about the new OnePlus television now before we get started let me tell you that this review has been sponsored by Tech Mart Digital which is just a great platform to create some stunning product reviews and technical specifications.

Oneplus TV Specs

Technical Details

Brand & Model: OnePlus Q1 Series / 55Q1IN-1

Product Dimensions & Weight: 122.4 x 5.1 x 70.6 cm / 19.5 Kg

Mounting Type: Wall Mount

Ram Size & Storage: 3 GB / 16 GB

Operating System: Certified Android

Hardware Interface: HDMI, USB

Graphics Co-processor: G-51 MP3

Response Time: 8 Milliseconds

Display Technology & Resolution: QLED / 4K

Total USB Ports & Refresh Rate:  3 / 480 SMR

Supported Image Type: JPEG, BMP, PNG

Screen Resolution: 3840 x 2160 Pixels

Audio Output Mode: Stereo / 50 Watts / 165 Watts

Supported Audio Format: AMR, AAC, AC/E-AC3, DTS, MP3, WAV, FLAC, AC4

Audio: Speaker Surround Sound Channel Configuration Alluring Sound / Dolby ATMOS / 2 Sub-Woofer / Full Range 2 Speaker

Power & Batteries: AC / Alkaline

Bluetooth Technology: Enabled

Connector Type: Wi-Fi Enabled

Digital Media Format: AVI, WMA, MPEG

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Oneplus 55 Inches, Q1 Series 4K QLED TV

Oneplus Led TV Design

Now let’s check out the brand new OnePlus TV so this is the brand new one plus TV and well let’s check out the design first so like any other TV the one pretty we can be mounted on a wall. This TV doesn’t come with a table-top stand, it comes with a wall-mount inside the box and table-stand has to be bought separately if needed.

Now let’s just power on the television and that brings me to this remote so you get this really cool minimal looking remote with the TV and this reminds me of the much-hated Apple TV remote also it has the usual buttons the volume rocker so yeah it’s pretty standard anyway I think this remote looks cool although it is a little uncomfortable to use right now because it’s just too slim maybe I’ll get used to it we’ll see anyway let’s turn on the TV. 

The first thing to notice here when you power of the TV is the almost bezel is designed the bezels are so narrow and when it gives the TV a modern look now In this model you get 50 Watts Output | Alluring sound | Dolby ATMOS | Full range 2 Speaker and 2 Sub-woofers.

Display of the Television

display - oneplus tv specs

I think that’s pretty cool coming to the display now this is a 55 inch 4k Q LED display and it’s got a ton of features or just tech terms of tech jargon whatever called now all of this combined should offer great picture quality I mean it’s a Samsung Q LED panel after all and well let me just say this here is a beautiful display.

 Yes this deserves two beautiful it’s pride its Q LED so blacks look amazing and the colors here just pop out of the screen plus there are so many options to make sure you get the picture quality you want I prefer the stand and Moorea because it shows more naturally at pleasing colors by another more especially the vivid more really amps of the contrast and the colors look the display is.

One of the two most important things on a TV and the one-touch TV seems to have got it right obviously I haven’t used the one person TV extensively but from a brief usage, it just seems right up there with the very best I think it’s gorgeous I mean I saw some of our videos on this TV and I saw details I have never seen before moving on to the second most important thing on a TV.

Storage & Sound Technology

Sound & Storage - oneplus tv price

A lot of techs here it hasn’t each speaker stereo sound system including for full-range speakers to Twitter’s and to was capable of outputting 50 watts so it’s no surprise that the speakers here are pretty loud I mean it’s very loud I prefer not going over 60 or 70 percent now when it comes to audio quality I think it’s great the clarity is amazing and while the bass could have been better it’s pretty nice.

The picture quality and the audio quality on the 1 plus TV seem pretty good but what about the experience and the performance when under the hood the 1 plus TV. 

This model available with 3 GB Ram and 16 GB Storage I know the specs you don’t seem very impressive but for the Android TV platform, this seems fairly nice.  The experience is where the 1 plus T V truly shines see it is stock Android TV and it looks that way but there are two cool new features from one plus one are the oxygen operating system and second is Android Pie (9) play app which is similar to batch also, it just brings you movies TV shows from different sources like YouTube, Prime video, etc.

Connectivity & App Support

Connectivity - oneplus tv specs

In one place nothing special now what’s special here is the new one press connect app which pays your phone to the 1 plus TV and it makes the whole experience a whole lot better first up I love how quickly this app connects to the TV 2 taps and it’s done seamlessly now the connect app solves the biggest problem.

I have with my Android TV typing-typing from the remote is pain or the connect app you can type on the One-Plus TV with your Smartphone I know you can do the same with Google’s Android TV Remote App but you know how bad that app is ok.

So next the time you can even use this app to navigate the Android TV UI and while swiping aggregation takes its time to get used to I think it’s pretty handy and I like the fact it works really smoothly along with swipe navigation the connect app also lets you quickly switch between apps on the one force TV.

Yes, you can multitask on the one person TV using this it is so cool and honestly really convenient there are a lot of other features with the connect app like the ability to take screenshots and screenshots here show up in the TV mock-up there’s Wi-Fi sharing smart volume control so that the TV’s volume decreases when you get a call and there’s a lot more look I think the OnePlus Connect is a brilliant app these new features are actually pretty useful.

So this complete review about OnePlus Android Television and thank you, everyone, to read my post and give us your valuable time.

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