Oneplus 8 Pro is Benchmark Phone in India

Welcome to Tech Mart Digital blog here we take Oneplus 8 pro review. Today as you may have seen one plus launched their newest highest end phone it’s the Oneplus 8 pro taking yet another step up in the ladder of their phones getting slightly more expensive every year but alongside it they also dropped the one plus eight which is sort of more like a premium mid-range phone.  The Oneplus 8 Smartphone Price Started In India Is 41,999 And Oneplus 8 Pro Started Price Rs 54,999.

Oneplus 8 Pro Specifications

Brand OnePlus
ModelOnePlus 8 Pro
Release Date14th April 2020 ,
Battery Capacity 4510 (mAh)
Wireless chargingYes
ColorsGlacial Green, Onyx Black, Ultramarine Blue
Resolution1440 x 3168 pixels
Internal storage128GB

Phone Design & Camera

Oneplus 8 Pro Design

In this post we’re talking about Oneplus 8 pro the flagship so the bleeding edge high-end specs shouldn’t be a surprise when we see a new one plus phone I mean beside the fact that they slowly tease out all the specs the weeks leading up to the phone’s launch it’s kind of what they are known for you know placing what feels like the highest and best available specs for the highest and performance all-in-one phone and we still have a very familiar oneplus design and experience here to they still have their logo on the back and still things like the alert slider that I’m surprised more phones haven’t copied yet still Oxygen OS one of my favorite clean Android skins with all of its features.

Oh wait stop plus what if the nitpicks always been with oneplus phones one is that their cameras are always just not quite measuring up to the flagships and to that they always tend to leave out these sort of fringe features that don’t feel essential but still feel like you should have them if you’re gonna claim that you’re a flagship things like wireless charging and ip68 certification well guess what they finally went added this year an improved camera wireless charging and an official ip68 water and dust resistance rating finally but you know what let me start from the top with a new design for the 1 plus 8 Pro.

 You can see it here I really like a lot of it the new matte finish and this blue color are pretty sick I don’t have a lot of matte blue phones but this one is nice it’s punchy and clean so it’s easily my favorite blue phone and this finish is nice it doesn’t really show too many fingerprints of course you can also grab this ultra matte teardown skin from our channel sponsor D brand which also feels great and you can see the wireless charging coil in the back plus it’s also got a few Easter eggs hidden in the design which are pretty dope.

The shape of the phone is boxy which I’ve always really liked plus there’s this new little design accent Ridge into the top of the phone so generally I think it’s one of the absolute better-looking phones out there but I still get to nitpick because like I said a expensive phone that’s what’s gonna happen.

Camera Quality & Display

oneplus 8 pro review

This camera bumped well it’s not as ugly as some of the others out there it still is pretty big like it’s annoyingly rocks on a table big for sticking out of the phone that much so I got to point that out but again you can put a case on it and get rid of that then you get around to the front and you’re looking at the new display which is an upgrade to pretty much all the ways that count but also technically a slight downgrade to so this is a 6.78 inch 1440p 120 Hertz AMOLED display and it’s really- really good one plus and display mates say it’s their most color accurate display ever you know the best a plus they’ve ever given etc.

They’re kind of starting to sound a lot like the XO mark at this point look I believe you the color is great the calibration is great but what we notice more often is number one it’s definitely a lot brighter than last year which is sweet and then of course the flagship feature for 2024.

 All these new flagships which is the smooth 120 Hertz refresh rate plus 240 Hertz touch sampling rate and it is awesome I’ve been looking forward to this couple specifics on it one yes it does let you run both high refresh rate and high resolution at the same time and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing 1440p at hundred twenty Hertz at the expense of battery but you know live your life then yes it is technically a variable refresh rate so even when you have it set to 120 Hertz just like last year.

Google Map Navigation & Fingerprint Scanner

Google Map Navigation & Fingerprint Scanner

 It will step down to sixty Hertz occasionally when you’re just sitting around not doing anything or if you’re on a home screen or if you’re in some app that won’t use that like Waze or Google Maps or snapchat or a game or something then yes there is still an optical fingerprint reader underneath that screen it doesn’t appear to be any bigger or faster but still fairly reliable to use.

The edges are still curved over both sides and this is my least favorite feature of this display I still get accidental touches like really we realized the idea is it looks cool and it’s edgeless and futuristic but I think it’s time to slow that down and I think Samsung’s perfected that balance this year between curving the glass a little bit and still having a flat working surface with no accidental touches so just saying and also by now from all these Beauty angles of the screen.

Front Pop Up Camera

Front & Pop Up Camera Of The Phone, oneplus 8 pro review

Certainly you’ve noticed that hole-punch camera in the top left corner for the selfie shooter for the 1+8 pro hot take the pop-up camera was the pop up camera was better than the hole punch and this is a downgrade like I get that the pop up camera was a moving part I was the first to point that out a moving part and a phone is always a part to pay attention to but we haven’t had any durability problems with them for the past two years we’ve seen them in phones and of course having that part hidden inside allows you a fully uninterrupted screen with no hole punch.

 and when it closes down into the phone and you’re not using it it’s blocked by the rest of the phone so that’s an added security benefit so seems like the pop up camera was the way to go so why do they remove the pop up camera and change back to a hole punch.

Maybe to look a little bit more like the other flagships maybe to save a little bit of money maybe to guarantee the ip68 water certification maybe just a little bit of all these things also side note I would like to see some of these phones offering 120 Hertz screens also offer a 90 Hertz mode in between 60 and 120 so we really know we can step down to 1080p to save battery life we think it would be nice to be able to step down 90 Hertz to save battery life.  – Just an idea some of the gaming phones have done this already but I want to see more flagships doing it – so there’s a free idea.

Oneplus 8 Pro Internal Specs

Oneplus 8 Pro Internal Specs, oneplus 8 pro specs

Oneplus 8 prointernal specs are high-end top-end you know snapdragon 865 eight or twelve gigs of fast LP-DDR4 am it’s that super fast UFS 3.0 storage and the battery also gets an upgrade because on top of all that it’s a 5g capable phone with 120 Hertz big display so you get a 4510 milliamp hour battery it’s not the biggest battery in the world but it did just fine.

The phone with my high brightness high GPS use at 1440p 120 Hertz and I’ve been getting to the end of the day pretty comfortably I could kill this phone in a day and I’ve noticed that but if I didn’t want to I would step down to 1080p and I would say have a lot of pixel pushing and a lot of battery and that’s a nice backup.

 Here we talking about like a six hour screen on time for this phone six and a half hours if you want to reference back to other post that’s really good but also something to note is for us the charging habits of your phone can change what you think of the battery and oneplus phones are known for having fast charging.

this one’s no exception you still have their high speed warp charge 30t comes in the box and that can get you from 0 to half battery in like 25 minutes.

Wireless Charging & Stand

Wireless Charging & Charging Stand Of The Phone, oneplus 8 pro price and specs

The  new to this phone is wireless charging finally Oneplus 8 Pro is putting the little charging coil behind the glass back and enabling wireless charging and on top of all that even better it’s fast wireless charging so 30 watt wireless charging is what they’re claiming and sharing with everyone which is really nice.

The charging speed istop up from 0 to half battery in half an hour but there’s a catch you only get fast 30 watt wireless charging with this phone with this exact brand new Rs-5301 oneplus wireless charging stand you need this accessory to get 30 watts wireless charging on the spot and that’s because it is not 30 watts of purely QI wireless charging so oneplus has worked on this special high-end why charging tech and to be fair it works exactly as advertised.

The stand is nice it has some little quiet fans in there and it does some special voltage and thermal management to get the peak 30 watts wireless charging out of it but if you put another QI enabled phone on that wireless charger it charges slower and if you put the Oneplus 8 Pro on any other QI wireless charger it charges slower because that tech was proprietary.

 So the Oneplus 8 Pro still supports regular QI wireless charging but only universally at five Watts Which Is Pretty Slow It’s Not It’s I Mean It Works But It’s Like It’s Pretty Slow.

Quad Cameras Performance & Some Clicks

There are the cameras quad cameras on the back of this phone and here are the numbers which maybe mean less than ever these days but it’s a new forty eight megapixel main camera with oh is then there’s a forty eight megapixel ultra wide with macro mode which fun fact is the same sensor as the primary camera from the oneplus 7 pro then there’s a 3x telephoto camera and believe it or not the fourth one is a five megapixel color filter camera so that’s your array and I’ll just go ahead and say it the oneplus 8 pro is a flagship quality camera right in line with galaxy s 20 and Huawei P 40 and just short of the pixel and the iPhone.

oneplus 8 pro price and specs

 there I said it it’s spitting out sharp 12 megapixel images with nice dynamic range and colors a bit overexposed sometimes that’s where it misses but generally these are nice photos also sorry in advance for slightly less outdoor photos the whole shelter-in-place Quarantine thing clearly means I also have less people subjects but yeah you can tell this is an confide nice camera no autofocus issues.

We take a lot of close-ups subject photos and that’s the downside of a big one over 1.4 inch sensor but again that just seems like par for the course for flagship cameras right now big sensor usually sharp photos but get some fringing when your photos are close-up subjects the night mode is pretty good which is nice max zoom is 30 X from that telephoto camera I don’t think it’s very usable at 30 X it’s barely passable galaxy s 20 Ultra is still gonna be the zoom champ for that sort of range but tight 10x is fine and 3x is definitely usable and we have pretty much, so thumbs up on the camera.

Software Features & Operating System

One plus phones have long been some of our favorites specifically because of the software and optimized experience this is oxygen OS on top of Android 10 and that’s no exception here for this phone there’s tons of little tweaks and optimizations and provements and little tightened up animations all over the place but it never feels overloaded like some other overlays actually removed the oxygen OS shelf to the left of the home screen and it’s just Google’s Discoverer page now  like a pixel and there’s really high quality hap tics in this phone.

Again this is the good phone and then in software there’s just a couple new software features here and there that are nicely executed there’s a new dark mode 2.0 theme some new dynamic wallpapers tucked in there and just a lot of aesthetic tweaks generally but they do a good job of not feeling overly cartoony and then there’s a new motion graphic smoothing toggle that works with certain apps.

Software Features & Operating System

Finally made a flagship they finally did it they’re charging flagship money and they’re offering pretty much everything a flagship would in a bona fide complete kind of predictable feeling way but still it’s what we’re looking forward to matter of fact.

let us put my predictions down for the one plus eight T pro that’ll probably come out in like six to eight months you’re probably looking at snapdragon 865 plus maybe a little extra RAM probably faster charging faster QI wireless charging I also think maybe they could use a little bit of a darker coating on the selfie camera up in the corner.

And maybe a special McLaren Edition phone and that’s it but in the meantime this becomes one of the easiest phones to recommend period even though it’s the most expensive one plus phone ever which is a nice headline to write it still undercuts a lot of the other flagships that it’s now at feature parity with and I think this is definitely the one you should pick of those either way that’s been it thanks for visiting our blog.

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