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Moto G8 Power Lite Review, Price in India 2020

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Hello friends, this Tech Mart Digital blog today we take a review of the Moto G8 power lite a Smartphone that there’s a bit of a surprise when it was unveiled just a couple of weeks ago.  You see it’s only a month or two since the immortal power went on sale and it was a little bit of a letdown because it was just all the price it was over Rs 8,999 whereas the original G7 power, of course, came in at that sort of 160 170 marks.

And the battery life wasn’t quite as good because I had a full HD screen wasn’t quite as energy-efficient the g8 power light is more the Smartphone that expected the G8 power to be its once again a 5000 milliamp beast but this time around you’ve got 720p display so it should be a little bit more power efficient and it comes in at a hundred and fifty quid.

 So definitely far more affordable and the standard G power Twitter’s a get some more draw the correct in its mistake well who even knows what I’m goanna do now is fully unboxed the Moto G8 power light get it all set up and take you on a tour of the hardware and software see you know what to expect so got all usual bore and readme shenanigans warranty information.

You’ve got your porky Pin device, of course, to actually get your SIM in there you’ve got your micro USB charging cable yeah sorry Kitty is no type-c USB action here it is that damn dirty micro USB below and then, of course, get all three-pin plug trusty as ever and that’s your work that’s everything in the box as you can see of course the moto g8 power lite does actually come clad in its very own condom case as well so you’ve got that as a bonus little extra just to help protect your Smartphone from damage.

Phone Design & Color

moto g8 power lite

If you want it and there unachieved is the moto g8 power lite in its full Nick and glory I quite like the blue finish here on the back end as you can see it’s got a gradient style finish kind of similar to a lot of budget Smartphone awesome quite dark blue up towards the top and then at moto to the sort of lighter blue towards the bottom very snazzy it is a plastic finish as you would kind of expect at Rs 8,999 price point, to be honest, I’m getting so sick of glass Smartphone and anything different is actually quite refreshing.

What lite power like wheezing at 200 grams precisely according to the official Motorola specification so I definitely got a good heft to it that’s for sure doesn’t feel TOI like or anything and it’s 6.5 inches as well so it is a bit of a hand filler I’ve got another box this is the royal blue very into the Moto G a power light but if you’re not a fan you can also pick it up in arctic blue so I just hope you like blue really there’s no pre-installed screen protector on for beyond the G8 power light but if you do get that rubber cover bundled in there if you just want to add a bit of extra protection and appearance.

Hardware & Software

moto g8 power lite specs

The more legit power light is also a water repellent as well so splash resistant basically would be alright if you accidentally spill a bit your paint on it something like that just don’t go taking it in the bath or the shower anything like that all right let’s see if we’ve got any power in there yes we do beautiful so let’s get this sum bitch set up and we goanna full-on tore the rest of the hardware and the software oh god oh this is the genic intro as always all of the acids love it alrighty so the mortal g8 power light is all set up and ready for action is just busy installing on my apps and everything in the background let’s run through the Operating System (OS) first of all so first up unfortunately as you can see there the Moto G power light it’s still stuck on Android version 9 which is a bit of a crime really in 2020 especially this fall into 2020 really should expect Android version 10 even on budget Smartphone hopefully that will get an update soon.

You can see the security patches a couple of months behind as well but at least as with usual with the model the Smartphone you do get a nice stock version of Android here so you’ve got your discover feed go Yap straight all the usual bog-standard stuff unfortunately here in the more power light.

Screen Quality & App Support

There is no mortal experiences app to add some bonus gesture support like the one-handed mode bits like that which is a real shame especially that 100 mode is so helpful when you got 6.5-inch beast like the Jeep out light just to help you reach up to the top end of the screen at least you can pull down the notifications bar from anywhere just with a swipe down on your desktops.

But you know when you’re actually in an app or something like that it’s so nice to be here phille to just put it in one eyelid mode when you need to let’s take a closer look at that despairs I mention it goes 6.5-inch beast it’s an IPS panel as of course all budget Smartphone is and it packs a 720p resolution so it’s a little bit scaled back compared with the standard moto G8 power lite about 720p resolution still reasonably sharp despite the size of that panel if you’re getting close, yes things do look a little bit softer.

Obviously compared to a Full HD resolution display but it’ll still be absolutely fine from during a little bit Netflix YouTube whatever on the go this is on pretty much maximum brightness right now so not one of the most powerful panels around you might struggle a little bit.

If you’re looking at it outside for instance trying to watch a bit of moody Marvel action or something like that but certainly viewing angles and everything else seem absolutely fine and the colors are sort of alright not anything particularly vibrant or in-your-face but again it’s a budget Smartphone.

 What you expect that’s for the display controls in the moto G8 power light settings where you got control over the temperature and that’s pretty much it so you make things warmer or colder I’ll just stick with the default as there’s no vibrant vivid mode or anything like that.

Audio & Mono Speaker

 That’s for the Model G of power lights audio well the speaker the mono speaker is actually housed around here on the back end of the blower rather than down on the bottom edge where it’s traditionally found of course this means when you’re watching a video it’s all the more easy to accidentally muffler if you were on holding it in just the right way but the actual output itself seems absolutely fine on top volume certainly nice and loud so despite that all you’ve been actually directed away from your face and your lug holes it’s coming through nice and clear on that top volume.

Bluetooth Connectivity & Phone Access Speed

you’ve also got a bit of Bluetooth 4.2 support if you wanna hook up to a pair of wireless headphones of a speaker or whatever and yes there is a headphone jack housed up top here on this blower as well so yeah this is shit you’ve drawn up the latest Bluetooth five support on here but more importantly.

If you want to be used a bit of Android pee or anything like that with your smartphone there is no NFC support here on the Moto G a power light that got stripped off in order to save a bit of cost action so yeah no NFC no wireless Pear man or contactless anything now running the show here on the jet power light is a media-tech chipset it’s the Helio P 35 it’s backed by 4GB of RAM.

 So I’ll be fine VM Edition and against bit web browser and checking your messages you know streaming a few media things like that absolutely fine you will no doubt see a fair few little stutters and stammers as you’re going about your everyday business but hopefully nothing too dramatic especially as you’ve got 4GB of RAM and now that should help to keep things ticking over smoothly.

Gaming Performance of the Phone

We do have a good bit pub G mobile on here you should just about be able to get through a game on that but it will be on low detail settings at best and I certainly would not expect the silky smoothest of frame rates I’ll be doing a full review on the Model G of power light anyway so stay tuned for our full thoughts on that one’s about a proper chance to test it out or in other words had the Chancellor.

The good news is if you’re all gonna be doing a lot of media streaming game in anything like that well you should be able to do that all day long because you’ve got a mighty 5000mAh packed inside this thing just like last year’s brilliant G7 power and of course the new model at G its power as well the G8 power didn’t last quite as long as the G7 power.

Full HD Display & Storage

moto g8 power lite

Because we guess they bumped up the specs a bit the platform wasn’t quite as energy-efficient because you had that full HD display which helped to SAP the battery bit faster as well hopefully here on the G power light it will last the full two to three days that we saw in last year’s G7 power because you got the usual battery saver modes and everything as well and as far as the fast charge goes I believe it’s 10-watt charge in here.

On the Moto G power lights or not swiftest, you might want to sort of leave it charging overnight and on the storage front, you’ve got 64 GB as a standard bit of micro SD memory card support in there as well up to 256 GB so plenty of space there for your media and whatnot and if you pop open the Moto G at power lights symmetry.

SIM Slots & Fingerprint Sensor

The good news is you’ve got space on there for dual SIM support 2 SIMS at once and also there’s a separate tree a few micro SD memory cards you’ll have to choose whether you want to SIMS or a SIM and a memory card lovely now before we get onto the camera tech just the final feature to talk about here on the more Legere power light is that rear-mounted physical fingerprint sensor as you can see it’s just slightly indented in the surface there to make it easier to find when you pull the Moto G at power line out of your pocket you’re fumbling around for it blindly and into lethargic for a budget broad fingerprint sensor either.

So quick tap now and as you see within about a second or so you’re into your desktop so not too bad at all certainly seems plenty accurate as well nor read errors or anything like that so now the last stop.

Camera Performance

moto g8 power lite review

 let’s check out more rollers camera tech and yes it is a triple-lens we’re set up here on the model G power light but of course, don’t exactly expect the moon on a stick this is a 150-pound Smartphone so it’s a 16-megapixel primary lens f 2.0 with fears detection autofocus hopefully the autofocus should be reasonably reliable the actual report capture.

 Itself I’m expecting to be fairly bitten so I’ll probably struggle in HGL situations even though you do have an auto HDR mode there as you see the processing time doesn’t seem to be too bad you’ve also of course got some portrait smarts you’ve got full control over the bake action.

So you can increase that or deep you sir depend on how much blur you want in the background and they’ll be using the 2-megapixel depth sensor just to get accurate edge detection and then last upon the triple-n setup is a 2-megapixel macro lens I still don’t see the point in these at all quite good I guess have you want pictures of ants and bees and things those lava panorama modes and if we swap to the video mode I believe this tops off yes at Full HD resolution there’s obviously no fog here again as you would kind of expect from a 150-pound budget Smartphone.

The rest the sentence fairly basic – and then around the front in the little nipple notch there you have an 8-megapixel front-facing camera let’s just see how this one fares so you can shoot up to full HD video once again and of course you’ve got a few portrait smarts as well if you wanted to do a bit of background blur action once again because there’s no depth sensor of funds was just using software smarts for that one and yeah you know what that seems to do a reasonable enough job right there once again, of course, an absolute keeper of a fort or look at that sexy hunk war and that right there in a nutshell is the new Motorola MOTO G.

It power light quite an unexpected handset in the end but hopefully all poof’s I have that extended battery life we loved from the G7 power from last year and at that more affordable price point as well so stay tuned for a full in-depth Motorola MOTO G power review I’ve already reviewed the standard G power score check out that G8 as well as the G8 plus. We are planning on doing a big old fat G8 family comparison as well so the G vs the G8 power light versus gear power versus the G8 plus lots of G Series.

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