Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition Review India 2020

Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Review

After a long time of waiting and a lot of teasing on Twitter, Xiaomi has finally launched their laptop lineup here in India. This is the mean laptop 14 horizon Edition and in today’s blog let’s take a quick look at what Xiaomi is bringing to the table here, hey guys this is Vikrant Sharma from Tech Mart Digital and if you do end up liking what you reading in this post please like and share the blog post.

let’s now get started so Xiaomi is launching two product lines here in India today the MI Notebook 14 and a more premium MI Notebook 14 Horizon the latter being the one that we are testing out today in this post so why is this called the MI Notebook 14 Horizon Edition.

MI Notebook 14 Horizon Design, Display and Build Quality

Well simply purge Xiaomi say that they’ve managed to cram enough 14-inch display into the 13.3-inch form factor the way they’ve been able to do this is by giving us a 91% screen to body ratio we have super thin three millimeter bezels to the top and sides and to the bottom we have a chin with an e branding by the way that’s the only place.

We see any branding the rest of this aluminum magnesium alloy body is left clean I really like the design here at 1.35 kg is the me notebook this one is just 60 grams heavier than the MacBook Air making it one of the lightest in the Ultra book category and it even boosts off a dedicated GPU but we’ll get to that later.

First let’s get back to the display we have a 14 inch 16 by 9 Full HD panel in here Initial impressions it looks great gets nice and bright up to 250 minutes the contrast is excellent but the most impressive thing years got a  the wide viewing angles. Now we also seem to have the ability to stream HD our videos and we did turn it on and try testing it as far as YouTube and HDR videos go it seemed to work.

Processor Power and External Webcam of the MI Note Book

mi notebook 14 horizon specs

Alright now these thin bezels do come with a problem there is no included webcam here and webcams especially given our current Ines has become a huge necessity which is why Xiaomi has flow out of the slide on webcam now it is a bit of an added hassle and does add one more thing to carry around.

But at least there is a solution for those pesky zoom on Skype calls under the hood we have a tension core i7 10 510 you it’s a quad core 8 thread shape for the base frequency of 1.8 gigahertz and a turbo boost up to 4.9 gigahertz on a single core the me notebook 14 horizon is supposed to get a tension IFI skew as well now there is a bit of confusion about the tension Intel CPUs.

We have to line ups isolate that’s based on the new attend nanometer manufacturing process and what we have here comet leg it’s based on the 14 nanometer plus how many ever places they’ve added to it at this point now a lot of techie mumbo-jumbo aside here’s what it means for you guys ice Lake is the newer processor it’s better at battery life and it has iris pro graphics but the CPU performance is a bit on the weaker side.

MI Notebook 14 Specifications & Gaming Performance

CPU- mi notebook 14 horizon edition

On the other hand, we have commonly that offers a bit more powerful CPU performance now the decreased graphics it isn’t a big deal here because we do have a dedicated GPU that’s the Nvidia MX 350 with 2 gigs of VRAM running off the rest of the specs we have 8 gigs of dual-channel DDR3 at twenty-six six two six megahertz and a 512 gate m dot two nvme SSD for storage.

So how does it perform well judging by the specs and here day-to-day tasks like running a few tabs on Chrome or working on spreadsheets and Excel wouldn’t really be an issue for this machine Xiaomi has even included two fan profiles here a function plus case which is us from silent to turbo and in the second mode.

We go from a restricted 15 watt TDP to the full max 25 watt TDP of design 7 chip now this is the mood that we tried gaming at and well a 1080p medium to high settings we were able to play eSports titles that being said we did notice a few frames dropped here and there after all the MX 350 is by no means a powerful graphics card.

 We also tried out triple-a game Star Wars Jedi fallen order the game was just about playable now we hardly expected gaming to be the full day of the MI Notebook 14 it’s a thin and light ultrabook after all but one thing Xiaomi did nail here.

Charging and Battery Performance

We have a fairly sizable for a six water battery on board and Xiaomi claims that it’s supposed to last 10 hours on a single charge honestly even the tiny form factor even if it ends up lasting is around 7 to 8 hours on a light workload.

I’d be really impressed but that’s something we can only comment on after we spend a bit more time laptop as for charging we have a 65 watt adapter it’s not type C there is a type C port in here though but we can’t really use it for charging.

USB Ports and Other Specifications of the Laptop

USB- Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Laptop

That is kind of a letdown the rest of the i/o though still looks pretty good starting from the right edge we have a USB type-c port you will USB 3.1 genuine ports an HDMI out and finally the charging port the left has a combined three and half millimeter jack for headphones as well as MIC a single legacy USB 2.0 port and some ventilation for heat dissipation.

The back is left clean and so is the front towards the bottom we have a couple of two watt speakers tuned by DTS the bottom has kept elevated from the table with these two rubber feet and we have some ventilation here do neshama has named a lot of things we have a great 1080p screen the internals are powerful enough for a thin and light ultrabook.

 They’ve promised good battery life and heck even the build is all metal and feels really sturdy but that doesn’t mean that around any cons the biggest of which I guess is this plastic trackpad it doesn’t feel great.

The software is a bit buggy and while it’s spacious enough the physical click on it feels quite spongy now we generally do not talk a lot about track ties especially on Windows laptops since this is the norm rather than the exception but there are two things here first the MI notebook horizon is being pitched as a premium ultra book.

Which means Xiaomi expects people to use this laptop on the go without almost being attached but after just using this for half an hour we had to turn it off the palm rejection isn’t that great and again the feel I wasn’t really impressed now I’m not sure why Xiaomi did this cuz the MI gaming notebook.

Keyboard of the Laptop

Keyboard- mi notebook 14 horizon edition

let’s talk about the keyboard it’s really nicely spaced out so that’s great but we don’t have the smaller backspace and the truncated arrow keys again not really a big deal something we could get used to what I probably won’t though is the really small travel distance on these scissor keys.

initial impressions I feel like they bottomed out too quickly and the key cap stability is a bit off and there is no keyboard backlight and year either so while I do give show me points for making a nice spacious layout I wish their design.

Operating System and Apps

mi notebook 14 horizon specs

The scissor switches with a bit more travel and individual battle I’d that would have made the keyboards so much better and finally we come to the software now I know a lot of you might be worried that I left it till the end well let me put your minds at ease there are no ads here.

We have Windows 10 home onboard and the only extracts that we have a couple of utility apps from Xiaomi as well as the doggy audio App for a better sound experience as far as the me apps go we have place unlock that uses the mean man to unlock our computer using Windows hello it works flawlessly and what’s more it even locks the laptop once.

We walk away the second piece of software onboard is Michel it works like shared using wireless networks to transfer images and other data between the laptop on the phone so yeah there is no bloat ware or ads in here in fact as I mentioned earlier.

Xiaomi is positioning the MI Notebook 14 Horizon Edition as a premium ultra book offering now as of filming this video we don’t really know what the official price tag is but I feel that with the choices they’ve made the need of price.

So this is the complete review of the laptop as per by my knowledge, if you like this post please share it and have a nice day Bye-Bye

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