How to Choose the Best Baby High Chair in India?

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Like all equipment intended for babies, the high chair must imperatively carry safety devices. Some of the most common are belts, harness, straps, non-slip feet, wheel brakes, etc. Here we discuss baby high chair in India.

The softness of the material, the adjustment possibilities of the backrest and the footrest, as well as the thickness of the padding allow the baby to sit comfortably in his high chair. It’s also a baby play area. And as such, the design and width of the top are of great importance for the best baby booster seat for eating.

The maneuverability of the best high chair in India should be high. Indeed, this criterion concerns the adjustment of the product in order to make it more ergonomic. You must therefore make sure that the backrest can be fully reclined in different positions, as well as the height-adjustable seat and footrest or the depth-adjustable backrest.

To facilitate storage and not to clutter up when not in use, the high chair should preferably be light and foldable. In addition to the ease of storage, these qualities should allow it to be transported during holidays or family trips.

Most high chairs are intended for children aged 6 and over. The baby must be able to sit up. However, most scalable models can be used just a few weeks after birth and accompany the baby throughout its growth.

The different types of baby high chairs

Traditional high chairs

This category goes from the basic model to the high-end model. Designed primarily for home use, the traditional high chair cannot be folded up to be taken while traveling. It also cannot turn into a children’s chair.

  • Some have a very successful vintage look
  • Interesting price
  • There are still some adjustment possibilities
  • Endless combinations of models, materials, and features
  • Are not always durable
  • Be careful not to trip!
  • Some locks are easy for a child to undo
  • Not modular

Who is it for?

Traditional models make good second high chairs to leave with grandparents. They can also be of interest to small budgets and lovers of vintage furniture.

Scalable high chairs

A scalable high chair can accompany from birth to 3 years, 5 years, or adolescence in some cases. First configured as a recliner, it transforms into a high chair from 6 months old and ends up as a real chair. This type is gaining popularity due to aesthetics and adaptability.

  • Support the child during his growth and learning
  • A style that does not denote with most interior decorations
  • Numerous adjustment possibilities: the seat, back, footrest, wheels, upholstery, tilt, etc.
  • Folds or transforms easily
  • The best models are expensive
  • Few of the models made entirely of wood
  • Few children use it over 3 years old

Who is it for?

The scalable high chair represents the very best. No wonder most manufacturers focus their offerings on this specific type. Be sure to compare features and prices carefully before buying.

Why buy the baby’s Best High Chair in India?

So that baby feels comfortable

The high chair allows the baby to gradually integrate into the family circle with meals at the table alongside dad, mom, and siblings. It’s a change from the cradle or the stroller. And this allows him to take his meals in a better posture, which moreover also promotes good digestion.

To eat and play without risk

It is well known to parents that from 1 year old, the baby becomes a real machine to destroy everything he touches! With a high chair, it will stay in place for eating or playing under parental supervision. This proximity to those close to them alone gives baby security and confidence.

A wise investment

Among the high chairs available on the market, some are said to be “scalable” because of their ability to adapt as the child grows. 

Some models can therefore be used from birth to 3 years. Others even reach adulthood!

For the practical side

All parents find it pleasant to hold their baby in their arms. But, particularly when you have to feed it at the same time, this is not always practical! The high chair keeps your hands free to feed your baby while avoiding getting dirty.

What is the price of a baby high chair?

When it comes to high chairs, prices often make a big difference. Some models sell for around 1500 rupees, others are worth 100 times more. Modularity, robustness, and stability determine the price.

Entry-level baby high chair.

For less than 7500 rupees, you will be entitled to a very diversified offer. These range from portable high chairs of around twenty dollars that attach to the counter to a more or less basic scalable high chair. Most have a removable tray and a 3 or 5 point harness system.

Mid-range baby high chair.

For 7500 to 15000 rupees, you will find many modular and scalable high chairs with well-padded seat covers and 5-point harness systems. Most are foldable or have wheels. Regarding the removable tray, some can go in the dishwasher.

High-end baby high chair.

You will find quality high chairs (plastic, wood, metal) all scalable between 15000 and 22000 rupees. Some ultra-robust models can be worth more than 35000 rupees. The most expensive is even around 2,200,500 rupees! 

The best brands of baby high chairs

In our opinion, the baby best high chair in India brand for most people in 2020 is:

Chicco – Originally from Italy, this childcare brand manufactures cradles, toys, car seats, various baby accessories, and high chairs. The reputation of Chicco products is well established. An excellent brand, both for the lifespan and ease of resale.

Peg Perego – Present in the childcare sector for more than 50 years, Peg Perego is the second Italian brand in this ranking. Its strollers and car seats are world-famous, as are its high chairs. You will hardly find better than the Prima Pappa series.

Kinderkraft – Kinderkraft is a brand that comes up often when comparing child care items, proof of quality if some still doubted it. Its innovations and safety concerns will not fail to reassure parents. 

Stokke – Founded in 1932, the Norwegian brand Stokke is a manufacturer of children’s furniture and accessories. His most famous achievement is arguably the Tripp Trapp baby high chair developed by Norwegian furniture designer Peter Opsvik. This piece of furniture, the best-selling in Norway, revolutionized the world market for baby high chairs.

Final Words

This will give you a short idea to choose the best high chair for your baby. Please read this article carefully before making any decision to buy any product. Choose the most ideal one according to your baby’s comfort.

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