Get complete reviews of Vivo U20 Smart Phone

Vivo U-20 Smart Phone

Hello friends this is the of Tech Mart Digital and I am Vikrant here I am providing complete review of  vivo u-20 smart phone and today I’m going to tell you all about its pros and cons.

Under The Box in Vivo U-20 Smart Phone Box

The first thing that you will notice is and it comes to the TPU cover for this one and along with the TPU cover you get a simply SIM ejector tool and you also get the manual documentation and what he got along with a Quick Start Guide inside you get this Smartphone it comes in two colors one is the blazing black and other is the blue color.

If you have the blue color over here and it looks pretty cool if you look at it carefully there’s a nice s kind of line going over there or patellar at one side and blue color at another side inside you get an 18Wt fast charger bundled inside the box for the Smartphone along with a micro USB cable.

Quality Display and Design of the Phone

So guys let’s first talk about the build and design for the vivo U20 Smartphone this phone has a polycarbonate body and if you look at the back it comes with a very nice gradient style of design and you get a nice shift between purple and blue colors and it comes with a 3.5 mm jack a micro USB port this is speaking tool at the bottom at the bad days also fingerprint sensor you get a power button.

The volume rocker as well all of which are pretty clicky add around 193 grams it’s not really lightweight but because of the fact that it does back in a 5000mah battery I felt that the overall building design was still on point it comes to the 6.5 fridge Full HD Plus display and the display has an added benefit of coming with the pond I have been to do heat protection which is much better than Corning Gorilla Glass 3 or Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

Overall Phone performance

Now let’s talk about the phone performance for this part when it comes to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 chipset which is really good performing chipset and it easily play games like of Gyan HD and high settings you can play games like this on high settings and overall focus was pretty good as the snapping 675 is an already tried and tested chipset the Smartphone’s supposed wide by an l1 as almost all of the sensors required for a great Smartphone experience.

FM Radio & Fastest Ram

It  comes of dual band and it also comes with support from FM radio and s come up with some free bundle applications some of which are brutally attacked but you can always uninstall them and that’s a plus point that you can easily install them if I talked about few other things one of the bad things about this Smartphone is the fact that Cam to repair supported on limited level so that means it would be rather tough to run G cam on the Smartphone it comes in 4 GB or 6 GB RAM configurations.

Camera & Storage of the Phone

you get a storage of 64gb which is the UFS 2.1 storage which means that you get to really fast read speeds of up to 500 megabyte per second the hating mode dual engine fast charging allows you to fully charge it from 0 to 100% in just on 1.5 ask – to us talking about the camera of the Smartphone it comes with a 16 MP front cameraand a 16 MP rear shooter along with an 8 megapixel ultra-wide sensor and a 2 megapixel super macro sensor you can shoot a lot of different kinds of images using a Smartphone.

We found the overall clarity and sharpness of all of the images was pretty good you can shoot a folk a videos with the back camera for the Smartphone and with the front camera I can shoot 1080p with use using the ultimate sensor you can shoot up to 1080p videos though they tend to suffer a little bit in the low light conditions the speaker output for this Smartphone is pretty high.

Full Day Battery Backup

And overall usability was pretty good I felt they were only few cons of the Smartphone like the fact that in this similar price range you can go for something like the let me note 7 which is still a great Smartphone and it also comes with a glass back and overall design is also pretty good on that one but if somebody goes out there looking for a really good performance free battery life and a good display for overall media consumption.

This is one of those smart phones so that is this was it for this blog post in case you like this one or want to buy checkout the more info on Amazon like pricing, deep technical specification etc.

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