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Mi Band 5 Price, Specs, Date

Xiaomi is now working on MI band fight my bands are the best affordable fitness trackers as well as one of the most popular products from Xiaomi current MI band the MI band 4 was a huge success with these features and the mi band wave which is coming with some upgraded features that we are going to be discussed in this post.

MI Band 5 Display Size

MI Band will come with a 1.2 inch color on no display one point two inch displays 25-person is larger than the display on the carton ma ban fur which has 0.95 incidentally this display offers better collar of Metro brightness and the display will be more visible under dark sunlight which could mean it uses a different screen tag or have some filters placed over the display.

Display will be the biggest upgrade in MI band file but the thing is that big displays needs more battery but the reports regarding MI band fire listen Jacques anything about battery maybe Xiaomi willing Greece’s battery capacity to some more image.

MI 5 Has NFC Future in The Band

Xiaomi MI 5 Has NFC Future in the Band

MI band for there was NFC future building but it was limited to China and only through my pain with MI band 5 shall we will introduce NFC feature worldwide this NFC feature on MI band five will going to be very useful for easy payment options not only with MI pay app but also through other apps like Google pay that’s a good upgrade you don’t need to use your phone while paying just the band is enough like MI band for MI band 5 also offers the features like music control multiple accurate activity tracking unlimited watch faces etc about the price.

Mi Band 5 Launch Date

MI band 5 will cost 179 you are in China that is around 1800 in degrees or $25.00 MI band 5 is expected to launch in the middle of town you don’t know that is near June or something so far that’s all we know about the fitness tracker now better display, better battery NFC feature is not the only thing we need to see on the upgraded MI band 5.

Onboard GPS , Colorful Straps & Automatic Fitness Tracking

What we really want to see more is the onboard GPS like what we see on the Apple watches a wide varieties of straps to choose from automatic fitness tracking option like in Fit-bit devices embroid sleep Tracking’s like in the New Horeb band and if Xiaomi also includes these features on the MI band file then it will surely smash all his leading competitors definitely.

Onboard GPS , Colorful Straps & Automatic Fitness Tracking

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