Boat Rockerz 255 Wireless Buds Review

boat rockerz 255 review

Bluetooth Wireless Earphone
The boat rockers 255 now these are a pair of earphones that you guys have been asking me to review for a long time. Hello friends this is Vikrant Sharma and here I am giving you best review about the boat rockers 255, now get started this product purely for easier management you know for keeping the buds from dangling around it doesn’t cause the music to pause and play like with a 1 plus bullets was this and given these are priced much lower.

Pause and Play Buttons

I am ok with that writing about things I’m ok with the build quality for the price the old plastic build in buttons they’re fine the buttons feel nice and tactile and boots gone with flat cabling which should prevent tangling I do quite like this green and black color scheme that we have to go on here that said there are a couple of other color options too from a functionality standpoint, we have IP x5 sweat and dust resistance on both.

Easily Use This Earphones When You Doing Gym or Workout
So this is something you can use at the gym or while jogging yep the neck man here doesn’t really move around a lot since it’s not really heavy so you can use it while jogging or running just don’t dunk it in a pool or expose it to heavy rain since it is not waterproof now talking about running the angle gear tapes they form a pretty good seal and when it combines with the rubber fins that fit inside the year there’s very little chance that the boat rockers 255 is gonna pop out and do note that boat It also provides two other sizes of gear texture.

We can get a good seal regardless of your size I would have liked to see different sized fins too but hey for the price country be completely right I’m a little very though about the build quality of these wires they feel a little too thin for my liking I mean it’s held up okay for day-to-day testing but then it’s our testing period comes compared to you know long-term usage for most people so the boat has even added some extra protection at each end but I don’t know how good the durability would be over a period of time.

boat rockers 255
Best Listening Experience

Listening Experience

let’s now talk about the most important the aspect of earphones the listening experience how do the boat rockers 255 sound well like most products that we’ve come across from boat in the past these are bass-heavy it’s one of the most advertised features of this headset.

We can find it on the back of the manual like HD sound with super extra bass and both does deliver in spades listening to say Metallica on these your phone just pure joy even the stereo sound separation was great, however.

If your music preference is not bass heavy then these headphones might be a tad disappointing that’s because of the bass kind of dust or power the highs and mids we tried listening to a violin concert on this and the nuances of the instruments will completely be drowned, however, if there is an equalizer app on your phone.
The bass can be tuned down and we can get a more neutral sound signature or although the sound remains pretty warm and what do I mean by that well as mentioned before if there is a heavy focus on the bass and the vocals are more pronounced well the higher tones are subdued so if you like electronic rap metal or that kind of beat-heavy music you’d like this one, however.

if you’re looking for a more well-rounded pair of earphones that has a more balanced sound output I definitely, suggest looking for an alternative something like say the real me words Wireless even me neckband comes in at around the same price and it’s tuned to be much better suited for Bollywood or Indian music in general.

boat rockerz 255 sports bluetooth wireless earphone
Good Sound & Calling Quality

Call Quality

Now another important factor along with the call quality the mic picked up his voice pretty clearly and the person at the other end did not have any complaints either that being said ranges aware of an issue with both rockers 255 within the walls of a room the signal is pretty strong even if they are walking about with our phone left on a table.

There’s not a drop in quality with regards to music or calls but the moment we stepped out the call quality it kind of degraded quite sharply it doesn’t lose the connectivity entirely but people on the other end complained a bit at times about not being able to hear our voices properly that was kind of surprising since they have used a Qualcomm chipset here and we also have Bluetooth 5 onboard but it is what it is anyway moving on since.

So this is the complete review of the boat rockers 255 earphones, if you interested to buy these earphones you can easily purchase from Amazon.

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