10 Best Ways to Boost Your Baby’s Brainpower

Best Ways to Boost Your Baby’s Brainpower

Every new parent always wants to give the best start in life to their baby; this also includes brain development in the initial stage. To boost your baby’s brainpower at an early stage the baby’s brain should be stimulated. Initially, a baby’s brain contains 100 billion neurons which multiply into trillions of brain cells called neural synapses.

The synapses are wired together by using the brain more and more and those which are not wired together through stimulation are lost gradually year on year. However, the brain of the infant does not contain hard wiring as it is more flexible and more exposed than the adults.

Thus, when you offer loving language to your baby you are enhancing the baby’s neural connection towards becoming more wired together. We have listed ten such everyday activities to boost your baby’s brainpower.

Physical Healthy Start Before Birth

It is important for the mother to stay healthy while she is pregnant and also she should be aware of certain drugs which can result in damaging the baby’s brain. There have been events when the children get drug-abused in the womb find extreme difficulty in learning and also act with unprovoked aggressive behaviors. Moreover, it has been found that smoking cigarettes during pregnancy also degrades the reading scores in the forthcoming kids.

Singing Around

It is always advisable to sing around your baby, which helps them keep engaged towards your voice. The listening skills of the little one are developing along with the brainpower to listen and keep those things in their memories.

This is more enjoyable and helpful especially when you are driving as you cannot do much while you are concentrated on the road. But singing is a hands-free activity and helps in boosting your baby’s brainpower as well as language development.

Bathing On Time

As doctors have researched that the bathing time of babies is significant as the little ones love to play pouring water from one container to another while sitting in the tub. This makes them understand the cause of gravity and also they observe the volume of water which results in developing early math skills. Moreover, songs can also be sung while soaping the baby to develop language skills.

Changing The Diaper

Every parent does not like to change the diapers of the baby, but it has to be changed at the right time and not frequently. While changing the diaper also make habit of talking to your baby about the process of changing the diaper and why does the diaper needs to be changed or worn. Moreover, this also gives the baby the idea of wearing a diaper its purpose and also has to be removed.

Breastfeeding And Bottle-Feeding

Feeding time is the best time to develop a bond between the mother and the baby and also an opportunity to get the brain working on the baby. This is the time when the baby can focus on the face of the mother from a close distance during breastfeeding.

Both mother and baby get engaged by gazing at each other and making facial expressions. Respond to your little one’s coos and help the baby to form words and develop conversing skills with the mother. Even if bottle feeding, always keep the baby at the same height close to the chest for the same feelings.

Choose Appropriate Toys

Choose toys that are developmentally appropriate and allow your baby to interact and explore. Toys such as building blocks help in developing math calculation by counting the components. Moreover, there is learning of cause and effect relationship, as if the baby places big blocks over small blocks then the blocks would not balance and collapse leading to teach the baby about the firm base. Toy Marche is an online store where you can buy affordable toys for your loved one.

Taking A Walk

When you take a walk with your baby it exposes the baby to a lot of things around. Moreover, parents can point towards different places and things and name them for the little one to understand and boost their brains by using descriptive words. Also visiting different terrains and informing the baby about the terrain such as the bumpy sidewalk, smooth road or sloping road can develop the understanding of the paths and roads of the little one.

Time For Meal

As researchers say babies like to play when they are in a high chair, for instance, they think of dropping stuff (food, spoon, toys) down and see what happens next. This is not only fun but another chance of learning object permanence.

Moreover, allowing the little ones to eat using their own hands, is another training session for their grasping pincers, and also they watch their parents and other members using their hands to pass food into the mouth leading to the development of hand and mouth coordination.

Also, at this time you get to teach them to name the foods which are served on to their plates and also teach them new concepts of different textures and hot and cold temperature differences.

Body Massages

To reduce the stress of the infants and improve their feelings of well-being and emotions, body massages are necessary as they also contribute to the boost your baby’s brainpower. Moreover, loving touch to your baby promotes growth in them as per the research data. It has been noticed that babies that receive massages regularly (3 times a day) leave the hospitals early than the babies who receive fewer messages.

Adjustment According To Temperament

Some of the infants adjust easily to strange situations while some of them are bold and impulsive and others are shy. Gradually adjust with their nature while also trying to boost their courage and comfort level.

On the other hand, if the child is highly active train them to use the wonderful energy to their potential still learning the art of impulsive control. The gradual acceptance by you will offer them comfort and relaxation which allows them to experiment and learn free from the situation.

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