Top 5 Best External Hard Drive 2TB India

Today we will talk about the best external hard drive 2TB India in this article. For those people who are searching for portable and external hard drives and are unable to decide which hard drives should be taken, then this post provides you end-to-end information.

Read this review article and know which portable hard drive will be suitable for you this article post will give you complete information, with the help of which you will be able to buy a good hard drive.

This is the List of Top 5 Best External Hard Drive 2TB India.

1. WD 2TB Portable External Hard Drive Online

best external hard drive 2tb India, WD 2TB Portable External Hard Drive

On our review list, we have the WD 2TB portable external hard drive that comes in passport size. This portable hard drive from western digital is compatible with USB 3.0, PS4, and X-BOX as well as it connects very easily to both desktop and laptop. The data transfer speed of this drive is also quite fast and compatible with the latest Windows operating system.

About this item

Storage Size: The model number of this passport external hard drive is this (WD-BYVG0020BBK-WESN) and you can store up to 2TB of data comfortably and you get a high-speed data transfer rate as well.

Automatic Backup: Data is very important, which can contain photos, videos, music, and important documents of your entire life journey. It is necessary to have time to time backup of data. This western digital hard drive has inbuilt automatic backup software that automatically backup the data, as well as you can also schedule the backup time.

Security 1st:  Whatever is the data like an office or personal, it is very important to be secure. WD has inbuilt password protection in this portable hard drive, which provides 256-bit AES hardware for data encryption. You can just activate password protection and create your personalized password, your data is secure whose access is only it’s with you.

Durability: Western digital is a very well-known company in India that manufactures offering digital products and today we review passport-size hard disk. This external HDD gives you a lot of durabilities and long-term reliability. If you are interested to buy this drive then visit Amazon.

So this is the best external hard drive 2TB India’s first portable hard drive on the list

  • Wonderful Travel Companion
  • Compatible with PC, PS4 & Xbox
  • 2TB Storage Capacity
  • Light Weight and Portable
  • Value for Money
  • Recovery Software Requires

2. Seagate Slim Plus 2 TB External Hard Drive Review

best external hard drive 2tb India, Seagate Slim Plus 2 TB External Hard Drive

Seagate is the leading company in India providing world-class digital products in the offline and online marketplace but here we review Seagate slim plus 2 TB external HDD.

About this item

Storage Space: In this slim plus hard drive of Seagate, you get 2 TB of storage space which is enough if you have basic storage requirements, you can manage both office and home data in this external hard drive quite comfortably and securely.

OS Support: It is a portable hard drive compatible with USB 3.0 for Windows and Mac support. You can connect this hard drive to the Mac system as well as Windows operating system.

Backup Support: Software has been given in Seagate Slim plus HDD which helps you in taking data backup. Seagate Toolkit enables on-demand it is an automatic program that allows you hourly, daily, weekly and monthly backups which you can set as per your requirement, you can backup your important data using toolkit mode.

Easy Plug-and-Play: In Seagate slim plus HDD, you get USB 3.0 compatibility support which helps in high-speed data transfer. You can transfer your files and folders in few seconds with help of a Seagate external hard drive.

Quality of HDD: Seagate slim plus HDD is the best quality that this hard drive works with Windows and Mac systems, you can use it on both operating systems and can store your data safely, Seagate hard disk is considered quite reliable safer for data storage as well gives more security to your important data.

Build Quality and Design: This slim plus hard drive from Seagate comes very attractive and comes with an aluminum design, its refined design creates a lot of attraction and it is also easy to use. If we talk about build quality, then this HDD is very strong because aluminum metal has been used in its design, so that the hard disk does not get hot.

If you are looking for an affordable hard disk on a small budget then Seagate 2 TB slim plus can be useful for you. You can buy this portable hard drive anytime from the online marketplace for more information visit the product page.

Color Options: Silver, Black, Light Blue, Red, Space Gray, Tuxedo Black, Ultra Touch Black, Ultra Touch White, and Rose Gold

Storage Size: 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, 5TB

Warranty: Included 3-Year Limited Warranty.

  • Lightweight & Sheerness
  • Storage Capacity
  • Value for money
  • Portability & Durability
  • The device might have slight heating

3. LaCie Rugged Portable 2TB External Hard Drive

best external hard drive 2tb India, LaCie Rugged Portable 2TB External Hard Drive

The LaCie mini hard drive creates a lot of attraction when you carry it in your hands you get this hard drive with gray and orange colors scheme at an affordable price. If you want to buy this Hard Drive then visits the product page.

About this item

Compact Design: LaCie Rugged Mini hard drive is quite portable with a storage capacity of up to 2 TB, it is a travel hard drive, and you can use it at the home, office, school, etc. Its ultra-compact design will not bother you to keep it in your bag as well as your hand when you carry this hard drive, so its looks are very beautiful.

Hard Drive Speed: If you are looking for a high-speed mini external hard drive, then LaCie Rugged portable hard drive is a good option to buy. This hard drive is very much faster and supports USB 3.0 compatibility which provides you a high-speed data transfer rate and you get up to 130 MB/s speed with this lovely device.

OS Support: You can connect LaCie Rugged Mini HDD with both windows and the MAC operating system, another feature of this drive is drop shock dust and rain resistance.

Durability: The Company has launched a very durable hard drive, in this, you get all-terrain durability which is crash-free, the drive is not damaged when dropped and this drive is also water-resistant.

Complimentary Membership:  If you buy the LaCie Rugged portable drive then you get adobe creative cloud with a one-month free complimentary membership plan, with this app where you can do photo and video editing free.

Warranty: Company gives you a two-year limited warranty whenever you buy this HDD.  This is the value of money product. If you are interested to know more information about the LaCie Rugged 2TB external hard drive then visit the product page.

  • Durable and Portable Drive
  • 2TB Storage Capacity
  • Best External Hard Drive 2TB India
  • Sturdiness and Beautiful Design
  • Some Time Gives Pops up Error

4. Transcend StoreJet 2TB Slim External HDD

best external hard drive 2tb India, Transcend StoreJet 2TB Slim External HDD

Transcend is a very popular company in digital products like hard disk, computer Ram, Pen drive, etc. but here we give you a short review about Transcend StoreJet 2TB Slim External HDD which is too Compaq and smart. So this best external hard drive 2TB India.

About this item

Lightning and Transfer: Talking about the speed of Transcend StoreJet hard drive, this portable HDD transfers data at a speed of up to 5gbps, and also this mini data drive is equipped with a USB 3.1 interface gen.

It does not take much time to save or transfer data to this drive, this drive of transcend is quite lightning and faster. If your budget is 6500 to 7000 then you can buy this portable hard drive online.

One-Touch Auto-Backup: One of the special features of Transcend StoreJet hard drive is that you can use the one-touch button for the auto-backup, just you have to press the button given on the drive front, and auto-backup will start with immediate effect.

Another special feature of this drive is, you do not need to unplug and reinsert the HDD drive in PC again and again, and this external HDD gets reconnected automatically with your computer system and laptop also.

Data Management & Recovery Program: Transcend Elite is the data management software of this smart drive that organizes your important files and folders kept protected and up-to-date.

As well as If your important files, photos, documents, music, and videos get deleted due to any reason. So you don’t need to panic, this drive of Transcend is very smart. The company has given RecoveRx utility program which recovers your deleted data immediately and stores it safely this drive is too reliable and safe for your important data.

High quality: These external hard drives from Transcend are of the highest standards and rigorously tested, and their built quality is also quite strong. It is offering outstanding quality, performance, and reliability. Transcend is a company that never compromises with its products and provides end-to-end digital solutions.

Data Safety and Protection: In StoreJet 25M3 you get a three-stage shock protection system that provides high protection to your data and is also certified to US military drop-test standards. So your data is safe in this drive.

You get a three-stage shock protection system, silicone rubber case, internal shock-absorbing suspension damper, and reinforced hard casing. These three protections provide one of the best safeties and protect both your data and hard drive both.

  • Military-Grade Shock Resistance
  • One-Touch Auto-Backup Button
  • Light Weight & Portable
  • Quick Reconnect Button
  • Durability & Easy To Use
  • Transcend Elite software is Required.

5. Toshiba Canvio 2TB Portable External HDD

best external hard drive 2tb India, Toshiba Canvio 2TB Portable External HDD

Toshiba is a world-class company that deals with digital products in India as well. Toshiba laptops, television and laser printers, etc. we can see it in the Indian marketplace.

But today we will review the Toshiba Canvio 2TB Portable External HDD which is very economical and affordable you can buy this hard drive from the online marketplace in the price range of 5500 to 6000 or check the latest price on Amazon.

About this item

Easy Plug-And-Play: You get plug-and-play operation in Toshiba external HDD, this drive does not require any kind of third-party software. You can simply connect this drive to any laptop or desktop system it is automatically connected with the operating system after that you can drag and drop files, your data will be copied very easily.

Speed & Transfer Rate: Toshiba Canvio HDD provides you high speeds data transfer rate, and is powered by USB 3.2 gen1 technology as well as this drive also supports USB 2.0 devices. So there is no problem with speed, you can easily transfer your data from any USB device this HDD drive will organize your files and folders comfortably.

Data Safety and Security:  Your data is safe and secure in Toshiba Canvio HDD, Toshiba is a leading company working in the International market for more than 50 years and people are also satisfied with its services and products.

Toshiba portable hard drives are fully capable of providing you complete security and reliability. You can buy this hard drive anytime at a low price, so visit the product page today and take your 2 TB hard drive.

  • Matt Finish Compact Casing
  • Easy Plug-N-Play Operation
  • Built-In Internal Shock Sensor
  • Sleek, Matte Black Design
  • Some people facing noise

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Conclusion of Best External Hard Drive 2TB India

Here is the list of the best external hard drive 2TB India. We have reviewed the top 5 best external hard drives in this article, if you want to buy a portable mini drive then this article can be helpful for you.

All these hard drives provide you complete data security and reliability you can buy any drive from these and solve your data storage problem.

All these drives are tested and recommended by experts as well as satisfied customers. If your budget is 6000 to 7000, then you can go with Transcend StoreJet 2 TB Hard Drive, it has a very advanced hard drive and has amazing features, you can check the complete review before buying.

So this is the complete list of the best external hard drive 2TB India if this article is helpful to you then share it with other people who searching best external hard drive. Thanks and happy online shipping, have a great day.

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